The Best Real Estate Neighborhoods in Calgary

Over the past number of years the city of Calgary has seen quite the transformation as it quickly became popular for those seeking refuge of the housing bubbles of Vancouver, Victoria and even as far away as Toronto.

As development in the Calgary region began to pick up we thought we’d see housing prices rise. The truth is we’ve not seen the price spikes like in the previously mentioned three cities and that is one of the best cake toppers attracting people to this beautiful city.

Canyon Meadows, Calgary

Calgary is Canada’s third largest metropolitan city and as it continues to grow, it garners more and more attention for what the city has to offer with respect to real estate investment.

In this article we will dive in to a few of the most popular districts of Calgary that currently appeal most to home buyers.

Kicking things off we start with Canyon Meadows. This beauty was annexed in the 60s by Calgary and has since grown to become a thriving community focused on families. There has been plenty of new developments in the area whereas you can find homes for sale in Canyon Meadows starting from low $400s.

Second place I’d like to mention is Beltline. This is definitely considered the “heart of the city”. Beltline real estate is largely high-end condos and townhouses. Of the 13,000 homes in Beltline, 98% of them are condominiums. You can expect prices to hover around $420k and up here for homes. As you can imagine the area is a dream for urban dwellers the eclectic types.

Thirdly I’d like to point out the East Village. Easily the smallest community of the greater Calgary area, East Village is also at the heart of Calgary downtown. Everything here is within walking distance including restaurants, theaters and the Stampede grounds. The future plan for development here is to segment the community in to two four distinct districts with their own personalities and amenities making them unique. Average homes for sale in East Village are approximately starting in and around the $400k mark and going up from there. The real estate for sale here largely consists of condos and townhomes.

East Village, Calgary

So there you have it, those are the top up and coming investment areas of Calgary. We will likely do a follow up post to include a few more on the list given the popularity of few others that we’ve still to touch upon.

Open House Visits: How You Can Leave On a Good Note


Looking for a home is a pretty exciting time. One of the things that you should do is to keep an eye out for Open House.

What is an Open House?

This is when sellers open up their home or property for potential buyers. Strangers can come in, inspect the property, and leave—even make an offer or two if they really liked the property. There is nothing that is as awkward as leaving an open house viewing on a sour note.

When you are interested in purchasing the property, it is important that you leave a good impression on the sellers. After all, they can turn you down when they feel like it. So here are a few tips on how you can always leave an open house on a good note:

Be Courteous

You would be surprised at how far basic courtesy would be able to bring you. Greet the sellers and keep a polite tone of voice. When you use a business-like tone, you can come off as someone that may have the tendency to be argumentative in the future.

Sellers of private residences are often very much attached to their property and will want to see it go to “good people”.

Ask Which Areas Are For Inspection

In some cases, the family or sellers may still reside in the home. So it would be improper for you to just assume that the whole area is open for inspection (even if it is). It wouldn’t kill you to spend a few second to confirm with the sellers if the whole place can be actually inspected.

When you get the okay, do make sure to check every nook and cranny. Open up cabinets and closets. You never know what gem you have on your hands there.

Say Goodbye Properly

One of the biggest no-no’s when it comes to open house visits is to simply up and leave. That can be quite rude, as you can imagine. Take a few moments to simply say goodbye and leave your contact information (if you want to stay in touch).

In Conclusion

It is actually quite easy to leave a good impression. Don’t be nervous or make any assumptions and you will be fine!

Looking At Homes: What You Always Need to Bring With You

Owning your own home is one of the greatest pleasures that money can buy. So when you finally have the capital you need to start stalking the market for good deals, it is important that you be smart about it. Today, we are going to give you a few tips on what you should always bring with you when you are looking at houses.


Whether it’s a phone or any other type of gadget charger, it is something that you should bring with you when you’re house hunting. For one thing, it is good to keep your gadgets charged. But what you actually use it for it is to check if the outlets are all working.

When you buy property there is usually an “as is where is” clause. If you do not spot any issues that the seller has to fix before turnover, you end up footing the bill and the repairs. So best to make sure all the outlets are working.

Tape Measure

There are a lot of different tape measuring tools out in the market today. There are some which are digital so you don’t have to do the measurements yourself. When you have a measurement tool, you can check how large rooms actually are and any other types of measurements that you’ll need to know.


An Expert

This can refer to a carpenter, an engineer, or an interior designer—whatever floats your boat. We must not always trust our own judgment as we can be swayed by emotions. An expert can give a dispassionate estimation of what the property is worth and what can be done with it.

In Conclusion

Finding a home is always a great experience (and a stressful one) that you should try out. Just remember to bring the items we’ve mentioned above and you’re starting off with the right foot.

Real Estate Discussions: Renting VS Buying Properties

In today’s day and age, property is still the focus of many a person’s pursuit. However, it is an unfortunate fact of life that many of us are not able to fully afford to purchase our own piece of real estate paradise. However, there are now more options for those are looking to for a place to call their own (if at least, temporarily).

Renting has long been one option that one could take. However, there has always been a debate of what would be the wiser choice: renting or buying. This is what we will be looking into today.


Renting has always been an agreeable alternative for those who do not have the capital to obtain their own permanent property. What makes renting good is that the capital needed can be about a fifth of the actual cost of the property.

If the one renting the home or commercial property ever decided they wanted a change of location, it was easy to pack up and leave. In terms of availability, there are so many locations that have real estate for rent.

However, over time the issue was that you were spending a lot of money for a place that was not yours. Also, not every place that is available for rent could be personalized as the owners may have strict rules about that.


The strongest argument for buying property is that it is 100% yours. It is something that you can pass on to your descendants. If the property is commercial—and it is in the sweet spot—it can generate you income for years to come.

The trouble with buying property is that options can be quite limited to what you are able to spend. Buyer’s market is always quite unforgiving in terms of the value and what they expect to be paid for it. Depending on your spending power, you might be looking at some pieces of property that aren’t worth the land they’re on.

In Conclusion

Real Estate is always a tricky topic to broach. It all comes down to two things: capital and preference. Which one would you choose: renting or buying?