The Best Real Estate Neighborhoods in Calgary

Over the past number of years the city of Calgary has seen quite the transformation as it quickly became popular for those seeking refuge of the housing bubbles of Vancouver, Victoria and even as far away as Toronto.

As development in the Calgary region began to pick up we thought we’d see housing prices rise. The truth is we’ve not seen the price spikes like in the previously mentioned three cities and that is one of the best cake toppers attracting people to this beautiful city.

Canyon Meadows, Calgary

Calgary is Canada’s third largest metropolitan city and as it continues to grow, it garners more and more attention for what the city has to offer with respect to real estate investment.

In this article we will dive in to a few of the most popular districts of Calgary that currently appeal most to home buyers.

Kicking things off we start with Canyon Meadows. This beauty was annexed in the 60s by Calgary and has since grown to become a thriving community focused on families. There has been plenty of new developments in the area whereas you can find homes for sale in Canyon Meadows starting from low $400s.

Second place I’d like to mention is Beltline. This is definitely considered the “heart of the city”. Beltline real estate is largely high-end condos and townhouses. Of the 13,000 homes in Beltline, 98% of them are condominiums. You can expect prices to hover around $420k and up here for homes. As you can imagine the area is a dream for urban dwellers the eclectic types.

Thirdly I’d like to point out the East Village. Easily the smallest community of the greater Calgary area, East Village is also at the heart of Calgary downtown. Everything here is within walking distance including restaurants, theaters and the Stampede grounds. The future plan for development here is to segment the community in to two four distinct districts with their own personalities and amenities making them unique. Average homes for sale in East Village are approximately starting in and around the $400k mark and going up from there. The real estate for sale here largely consists of condos and townhomes.

East Village, Calgary

So there you have it, those are the top up and coming investment areas of Calgary. We will likely do a follow up post to include a few more on the list given the popularity of few others that we’ve still to touch upon.